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A Pocket PC is also commonly known as P/PC, PPC and by Microsoft as a Windows Mobile Classic device. A pocket pc is a handheld sized computer and a personal digital assistant, which is abbreviated as PDA. A pocket pc usually runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile Classic operating system. A pocket pc has some of the abilities of modern desktop PCs. There have been thousands of applications since 2010 handheld pocket pcs that adhere to the Microsoft Pocket PC specification. Many of these pocket pcs are freeware.

As you probably already imagine, some of a pocket pc is very often a mobile phone. Microsoft-compliant Pocket PCs can be used with many add-ons. Examples of such add-ons that can be used with a pocket pc are GPS receivers, barcode readers, RFID readers, and cameras. In 2007, after releasing the Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft stopped using the name Pocket PC in favor of a new naming scheme. A pocket pc without an integrated phone is called Windows Mobile Classic device instead of Pocket PC. Devices with an integrated phone and a touch screen are called Windows Mobile Professional devices instead of pocket pc and devices without a touch screen are called Windows Mobile Standard devices instead of pocket pc.


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