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A 4g mobile hotspot can be a portable device or a feature on smartphones that provides wireless Internet access on many devices such as a laptop, smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or a portable gaming device and many others. A 4g mobile hotspot typically uses the mobile broadband service from cellular providers for 4g Internet access. In this way a 4g mobile hotspot functions similar to a USB modem from wireless carriers. 4g in the title 4g mobile hotspot means third generation. Unlike those mobile USB sticks, though, 4g mobile hotspots allow multiple devices to connect at the same time.

One of the earliest 4g mobile hotspots was the MiFi. This 4g mobile hotspot was a small credit-card sized device made by Novatel and offered first by Verizon. Furthermore, this 4g mobile hotspot It broadcasts the 4g cellular signal that can be shared wirelessly by up to 4 devices. Besides the MiFi 4g mobile hotspot, which is also carried on AT&T and Virgin Mobile, there are other similar mobile hotspots, such as Clear’s iSpot for Apple iOS devices and 3G/4G Clear Spot. Besides portable mobile wi-fi hotspots, some smartphones can act as a 4g mobile hotspot. They share their wireless data connection with several devices for a 4g mobile hotspot. The Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus as a 4g mobile hotspot each had this feature built-in and Verizon offered the hotspot service for free. Furthermore, Verizon introduced a unique 4g mobile hotspot feature with its launch of the iPhone 4.

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